Star and Shield Clothing

The Star & Shield Clothing Company is Liberia's premium garments brand fashioned around the Star,  Shielded in the Flames of Glory. Star and Shield Clothing intends to magnify the African essence in an upgraded Afro-Urban Business attire statement found custom only in West Africa.  From design to runway Star & Shield Clothing's creative process is ritualistic in its approach which accelerates the potential for the brand. Since its official launch in 2013. Star & Shield Clothing has been featured on Satellite TV, Online Clothing Ads, Store Front Windows, Magazines, Websites, and a host of other marketing media broadcast that aim at African Centered Garments, Country Cloth and Fashion.  

Camarilla Masks™ and 16 Tribes® Mask are distributed by license only through the Star and Shield Clothing Company out of Monrovia, Liberia. Licenses to carve, market and distribute are negotiated through Star and Shield Clothing. Each Camarilla Mask™/ 16 Tribes® Mask is uniquely carved to society specifications and christened under ritual before it is released to the public. Camarilla Masks/ 16 Tribes® Mask are traditionally carved in true camwood, red african wood and polished to the council liking. Some Camarilla Mask/ 16 Tribes® Mask contain cowrie shells, cowrie shells were among the devices used for divination by the Camarilla Mask™/ 16 Tribes® astrologers of Ancient Mali, Songhi, Kemet, and Ethiopia. Cowrie shells are also worn as jewelry or otherwise used as ornaments or charms. They are viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth. The symbolism of the cowrie shells on mask is associated with the appearance of its underside: the lengthwise opening makes the shell look like a vulva or an eye. " It is not enough to know the Camarilla Divine Conscious (through study of the mask concepts), you must know what to do, WHILE applying the Camarilla Mask™ Divine Consciousness".