Camarilla+ Mask™ Camarilla+™ Camarilla Mask™ are a set of 17 divine council masks. Sent as guides to tribes of West Africa to reunite the region. Each Camarilla Mask represents specific tribal lessons, african proverbs, and spiritual messages transmitted through the mask from Ancestral Spirits, Ancient Kings and Queens, Priests, Legends, Gods. It is believed by societies in West Africa that those who own a Camarilla Mask will inherit great wisdom of African Traditions, guided by the ancestors to accomplish immense task, and often serve as totem of reminders of the rich knowledge and history shared amongst the tribes of Africa. The Camarilla is a private traditional council existing amongst the forest tribes of Africa. Masks themselves represent transformation or mediate between structures, often appearing in rites of passage, they are used as conduits, paradigms, and operators in initiation sequences which signifies the death of the old self and the rebirth of the new one.

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The Holy Scrolls of the Cosmic Camarilla Mask™ Consciousness

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