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Welcome to the Groups Page of, where unity and diversity intertwine in a tapestry of extraordinary social connections. Here, we celebrate the essence of camaraderie and inclusion through seven remarkable social groups that embody the spirit of community and shared interests. Explore the Circle Seven Group, fostering intellectual Moorish discourse and cultural exchange; the Group for Free and Accepted Masons, embracing the traditions of brotherhood and enlightenment; and the vibrant Sixteen Tribes of Liberia community, symbolizing heritage and culture. Delve into the elegant world of fashion and style with the Star and Shield Clothing Media Group, and uncover the mystique of the Camarilla Mask™ Academy, offering a glimpse into secret societies and their enigmatic arts. Embrace the the Legacy of the Tribe of Judah, ancient wisdom of the Eye of Heru KMT community and the mystical allure of the Talismans of El Ra community, where spiritual exploration and hidden knowledge await. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where each group is a beacon of connection and shared experiences, bringing together like-minded individuals who seek to enrich their lives through unity and camaraderie.

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(Star & Shield Clothing Media Group)

Join us for an immersive two-week workshop designed to unlock the full potential of the
innovative Camarilla Mask™ Font Annotations. This workshop is tailored for…

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(Talisman of El Ra)

“Yáyá ɖǎa nyu ɓɛ́ ɓě ké ɖɛ ɓě vǐè ma kĩ́ín ɓá ɔ kã́á-ɓòɖò nìà ɖé dyɔún wɛ̃ɛ jè dyíɛɛ dyí dyuò, kɛɛ Yáyá se mɔ́ wa mɔ̀ùn kéɛ jè dyuò.”