Camarilla Maskbook™ Questionnaire

The Camarilla Maskbook™ is an Elite Social Media Platform centred around the maxims of the seven seals; seen in the Circle Seven, our Pharoahic Ancestry, the Way of the Ancestors 16 Tribes® teachings, the creative arrangements of the Star and Shield Clothing, the Royalty in the Lion of Judah, overstanding where freemasonry is in the spread of consciousness. All wrapped in the Camarilla Mask™ advisory structure.

Star & Shield Clothing Operations Budget 2018-2020

What is the name of the godhead/ Mother mask of the Camarilla Mask™

One thought on “Camarilla Maskbook™ Questionnaire”

  1. Sallyt says:

    The arguments in this article were very well-presented. I appreciate the depth of analysis. It would be interesting to hear how others interpret these points. What do you think?

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