Reclaiming the African Spiritual System

In the long history of the grain coast, mask dancers were the ones who held sway over the spiritual beliefs and practices of the sixteen tribes. Their cultural performances, steeped in meaning and nuance, were woven into the very fabric of society, a reflection of the intricate web of relationships between self, family, community, environment, and nation. Bringing these performances from the realm of the intangible to the physical world was no easy feat. It required meticulous choreography, careful preparation that stretched across time and generations, and an unwavering dedication to preserving the richness and diversity of a culture that had been shaped by centuries of tradition. It was a task that demanded a deep understanding of the rhythms and cadences of life, a sensitivity to the subtleties of human experience, and a profound appreciation for the power of art to transform, heal, and inspire.

As the masked dancers enter the arena, the atmosphere becomes electric. Patrons partake in the sacred ritual of eating kola with red oil, honoring their ancestors, and invoking a higher power. The communal songs that are sung not only enrich the history but also strengthen the bonds of the community.

The drumbeats and sassa rhythms reverberate through the air, providing a sonic foundation for the orchestra of musicians that accompany the mask, much like a band. It is an African spirit that has been lost, but it is one that we can reclaim through discussions, dialects, and education. By seeing ourselves as we truly are and claiming our rightful place, we can awaken this powerful spirit within ourselves and our communities.

Camarilla “Yaya” Mask™

In observing those adorned with the Camarilla Mask™ 16 Tribes® Necklace, one can sense the resonance of an era when Africa was imbued with the true essence of the African Spirit. Prior to the onset of foreign influence, the wisdom of African Proverbs, Affirmations, and Parables pervaded the collective consciousness, guiding individuals towards righteous judgment and bolstering the strength of communities, families, and ultimately the nation.

As you adorn yourself with the Camarilla Mask™ 16 Tribes® Blacktime Series Bracelets, let it serve as a powerful reminder of a time when Africa was defined by a unique way of life. This way of life embodied specific activities, industries, and geography that ensured the participation of all members in a sacred process designed to maintain universal balance. Also, served as a safeguard against the tides of change and disruption, and preserved Africa’s identity and sovereignty. The bracelets are not merely accessories but symbols of a culture that once thrived, and perhaps with their continued use, can thrive once again.

In the African spiritual framework, we do not make pledges of everlasting life, posthumous existence, or a period of purification. Rather, we offer a rich experience that fosters the appreciation of togetherness, charity, and active participation as the foundations for a gratifying life that is worthy of emulation by those who come after us.

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  1. ברכות! מאוד שימושי עצה בתוך זה מאמר ! זה ה שינויים קטנים שעושים החשוב ביותר שינויים. תודה רבה לשיתוף!

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